St. Nicholas
Melkite Greek Catholic Church
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St.Nicholas Church

     St. Nicholas Greek-Melkite Catholic Mission was founded in 1992 by Bishop Nicholas Samra to serve the seasonal Melkite community of Palm Beach County, Florida.  From its humble beginnings in the living room of the Agamie Family, the church has grown to serve over 300 families year-round. By word of mouth that a Melkite Liturgy is being celebrated in Palm Beach County, the Mission quickly grew beyond the capacity of a living room and moved to Emmanuel Catholic Church in 1994. The Mission has made significant progress over the past 16 years despite not having its own facilities and full-time priest. 

     St. Nicholas’ move to a larger facility proved critical due to the desire of the community to gather after the Liturgy and host social events.  These events held after mass on a Sunday evening attract an average of 180 parishioners on a regular basis.  It is this sense of community that inspired the St. Nicholas Mission to grow into a Church and invite more people to celebrate the Melkite Liturgy. 

     The community has remained committed to celebrating the Liturgy every Sunday evening and enjoys a wide range of spiritual and social events including its annual gala.  Furthermore, having had the opportunity to witness the success of St. Jude Melkite Church in Miami and its ability to attract parishioners beyond the Melkite heritage, St. Nicholas is confident a similar following will develop in the fast growing Palm Beach County.

      In 2003, St. Nicholas Mission established a Parish Council to make directional decisions for the future of the community.  This group has been charged with the goal of building a permanent home for the Church and establishing the foundation for the future of the Melkite Catholic religion in Palm Beach County.

     The establishment of a Melkite Catholic Church in Delray Beach will allow the St. Nicholas community to achieve its goal as a religious entity to serve its children, youth, adults and senior parishioners by attending not only to their spiritual needs, but also to their social and educational needs.

Project Background

     The future of St. Nicholas Mission depends on the development of a permanent home on 4.55 acres located in Delray Beach, Florida.  In July of 1998, the Mission entered into a contract to purchase this valuable piece of real estate located on Lake Ida Road for $375,000.  The purchase transaction closed on March 25th, 1999 and the Mission successfully paid off the debt on the property in less than 12 months.  On February 9th, 2005 the land was rezoned, affirmed and received final DRC approval.  The final approval includes the following:

  • Phase I -- Site Development & Parish Hall - completed  <click to view picture  >

    • 8,850 sq ft – seating 350

  • Phase II -- Daycare Facility  

    •  3,220 sq ft –licensed for 90 students with the possibility of adding 60 more student increasing the total to 150 students

  • Phase III -- Congregate Living Facility <click to view plans >

    • 10,940 sq ft – 24 Beds

  • Phase IV -- Church

    • 6,007 sq ft – seating 360

     St. Nicholas Mission has been recognized by the Palm Beach County Authority for the architectural design and rendering of its development project in Delray Beach.

    With the increase in the value of real estate and the approved site plan, the land is estimated to be valued at over $1,500,000.  While the church has benefited greatly from the rise in real estate value, the cost to build a church has also escalated.  The church has received the final building permits approved by the Planning, Building, and Zoning Department of Palm Beach County to build Phase I (See Exhibits a & b) which includes the Site Development and Parish Hall.

     On November 5, 2006, nine of the 12 members of the Finance Committee of St. Nicholas Mission were present to review all General Contractor submitted bids.  The Finance Committee approved the selection of the General Contractor and Owners Construction Representative (OCR) but will wait for the Dioceses final approval before negotiating the AIA Contract.  Phase I is estimated to take approximately 11 months to complete. 

     The time has come for St. Nicholas to transform from a Mission into a Church.  From its quant roots in the living room of one of its founding families, the time has come to for this community to have a permanent home.  While the community has grown and many people have been introduced to the Melkite Liturgy, St. Nicholas must secure its future in Palm Beach County.  The land has been purchased, a blessed hall has been designed, the county has approved much of what we’ve asked for, and it is now up to us to build the foundation that St. Nicholas will call home.

Phase I of the project was completed in December 2008.
The Inauguration of the multifunction Parish Hall took place on December 14, 2008. <check pictures on Facebook >

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